How to Create Word Cards

  1. Choose a type of background you would like to use. (Natural, Sky, etc.)
  2. Choose a background picture in the category you just chose.


3. After selecting a picture, click the Continue button.

4. Feel free to draw, annotate, and to crop the picture. To do these, press the correspondent button. You could change colors when you are drawing. And you could also change the text color after adding a text box by clicking the colors at the right corner.


5. Click Save when you have finished your cards. And please grant the photo library access at that time, or the cards you just created will not be saved.

6. The cards will be saved to your photo app. Open other apps like Messenger, FB, TW to share your pictures by selecting it directly from the photos. There would be a special album created for photos, which makes it easy for you to manage all the cards you created.