Contact Me

Hey there! Feel free to reach me out, no matter you want to ask a tech question, report a bug (😮Oh no! I hope you are not…), give me a sweet suggestion 😉 , invite me for a cup of coffee☕️🍩… Just contact me😎! I am currently a high school student (who will become a university student next year) that have the passion to write the code and change the world! I am an Apple’s WWDC 2017 scholarship winner, which means I was invited by Apple to join the Worldwide developer conference. I am also an iGEMer, which means I study the way to cure cardiovascular diseases with some awesome teammates using Synthetic Biology… I have so many things to tell. And most importantly, I like to talk with people and to exchange ideas! So,

1. Contacting for a bug within an app or a game…

–> There should be bug report option in Settings or More tab, use that if it’s available because this tool will also send some bug information that I could look into.

–> if not, email at

2. Contacting me for professional purposes like information related to Education, Work, Job, or more.

–> Try to find me on LinkedIn, there should be a link at the bottom of this page.

–> Try my personal Email if you know one. To avoid trash and ads, I don’t publish my personal Email address here. So if you do have one, Email to that.


3. Ask a technology-related question.

–> @ShunzheMa on Twitter. I will reply you there so more people could see the question and the solution.

–> Or DM me if you wanna your question be more personal.

4. Other

–> Email:

–>DM @ShunzheMa or just mention me on Twitter.

–> Search me on LinkedIn