ConfEasy Privacy Policy


General Privacy Policy

1. Apple iCloud CloudKit

Apple’s iCloud CloudKit will be used to store the events you joined, created, and the requests to join events. All the data will be protected and managed by Apple Inc. (not ConfEasy and its developer). This app will only be able to access its own data (called a container). This app won’t access any other data that’s outside that container. Your personal information, including your name, Email, won’t be read by this app.

2. Fabric Answers Analysis

This app uses the Answers Framework for analysis purposes, including but not limited to seeing the overall users’ install count, running time, frequencies, and more. Here’s a quote from Answer’s Privacy Policy

When you use an application that has integrated Answers Kit, Crashlytics’s servers may record certain information. This information may include the name and app store identifier of that application, the bundle identifier and build version of that application, unique mobile device identifiers (e.g. IDFA (iOS), Advertising ID (Android), and Android ID (Android)) and the associated interest-based advertising opt-out preference as applicable, IP addresses, timestamps, device model names, device operating system names and version numbers, the language and country settings of the device (iOS), the number of CPU cores on the device (iOS), whether a device is jailbroken (iOS) or rooted (Android), custom application events defined by Developers and the associated attributes, application events predefined by Crashlytics (e.g. Install, Purchase, Add to Cart, Start Checkout, Content View, Search, Share, Rated Content, Sign Up, Log In, Invite, Level Start, and Level End) and the associated attributes, app lifecycle events (iOS), and app activity events (Android). Developers may disable logging of IP address information from their applications at any time, and so it is at the discretion of Developers whether Crashlytics records IP addresses from devices using applications that have integrated Answers Kit.

Information from Answers Kit

Crashlytics uses the information collected by Answers Kit in order to provide Answers Kit and Answers services, including providing customer support to Developers, creating aggregate measures of the usage, engagement, and performance of Answers Kit and Answers services, and improving Answers Kit, Answers services, and any other Crashlytics and Google service or software. Crashlytics also allows Developers to share the information collected by Answers Kit with third parties, depending on whether Developers choose to license their data to third parties. In particular, Developers may provide data to Twitter, Inc. and its worldwide affiliates (“Twitter”), who formerly owned and operated Answers, to facilitate integrations between Answers and other software and services offered by Twitter. Developers may disable sharing information with Twitter from their applications at any time as described in the Answers Agreement, and so it is at the discretion of Developers whether information collected by Answers Kit is shared with Twitter. Answers requires Developers to maintain a privacy policy that fully and accurately discloses the type of information collected, how it used and how it is shared, and, where appropriate, to obtain informed consent for the applicable uses of their data. You should review the governing privacy policies of the apps you use.

How We Share the Information Answers Collects

Crashlytics may disclose aggregate measures of the usage, engagement, and performance of Answers’s websites, Answers Kit, and Answers services that do not identify any particular user or device. Otherwise, except for sharing information with service providers as described below and otherwise with Google and third parties, at the discretion of Developers as described above, Crashlytics does not disclose information collected by Answers’s websites or Answers Kit to any third party. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Privacy Policy, Crashlytics may preserve or disclose your information when it has your consent to do so or if it believes that it is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request, to protect the safety of any person, to address fraud, security or technical issues, or to protect the rights or property of Crashlytics, Developers, End Users, or visitors to our websites.

For more details, please visit this website:


3. Device Data, including location

The location data will be used when you are picking an event location and when you choose to use your current location as the event location. Your coordinate will be used to get the place you’re currently at. This data will not be uploaded to ConfEasy’s database. It only serves to display an option in the location picker.

The use of location is limited to the location picker in event creation view only. The app cannot use your location in the background.

4. Firebase Account

ConfEasy uses Firebase to manage accounts. When you sign up or sign in you will share your name and Email with Firebase. If you sign up for an account, your name, email, and the password you set will be sent to Firebase server in a secure HTTPS connection. When you log in, the Firebase server will check your account credentials and tell ConfEasy if the login should be approved. If approved, ConfEasy will proceed. Otherwise, an error message will be shown. Please refer to Firebase’s policy on how the information is managed. Note that all events information will not be stored on Firebase, it will be stored on iCloud Cloudkit database, which is provided by Apple.

5. Account information

If you sign up for the first time, the app will create a profile for you including your name, email, and device information. When you login using the same account, these information will be restored on your device. Thus, if you login the same account on other devices, the same information will appear. These information include the events you joined and created. When you create or join an event, the event data is stored in your account profile.

6. Event removal

If an event holder removes an event, the event will be erased from the database. Because the event record is removed, all associated records will also be removed. Once you remove an event, the event data will also be removed from participants’ device. Once deleted, events are not recoverable.

If you have any questions, please stop using ConfEasy immediately and contact support.