Privacy Police

Here’s the privacy policy for Air Pasteboard app on the Mac OS App Store:

This app will access your pasteboard, and the privacy policy will vary based on your selection of the feature.

If you share codes (the second option), you will be using a third party – Pastebin’s service. Your pasteboard content, your Pastebin account information, including, but not limited to, other computer information, which might include IP address, may also be passed to this third party – Pastebin. Please visit this page for their privacy statement.
If you share a current page in Chrome or Safari, the link of the currently viewing webpage in Chrome or Safari will be shared. You will be able to select a recipient nearby through AirDrop. The address of the currently viewed web page in your browser will be extracted during this process.
Warning before using: Please don’t use this app to share classified, secrete, private information. Only use this to share public information that won’t have negative impacts even if the information is accidentally or intended to be released. The software developer will take any responsibilities for the content of the paste, the