Sharing my programming passion with EVERYONE

Write the code, and Change the world. Together! I not only need to program myself, but I also need to spread my passion to all others! It’s such a great pleasure that I am invited to the local Apple Store @Jinan, Shandong after my news of getting the WWDC Scholarship spread locally. At here, I shared my stories about why I get interested in programming, and how I continue developing great apps even I have a lot of busy work at school.



There are also high school students, like me, who are also interested in programming in such a young age! I really want more classmates to get engaged into the exciting programming world. And that’s why I have founded the first ever club focusing on high tech and how to implement them using codes.


And, these are just the beginning. I will continue to use my magical programming super-power to change this world! And I hope I could share my stories and experiences through Apple News so that more people could feel that excitement I am feeling!