Tech Geek Closing Notice


Tech Geek will no longer be available in the app form due to the inconvenience that you need to download this app and check for technology news. But that doesn’t mean that you will not be able to read what I share! Instead, I am now on Apple News! If you are in U.S, U.K, and some available regions, you could click here to favorite my Apple News channel to get the newest technology information!

Link to Apple News


你好,感谢使用Tech Geek软件获取科技新闻。因为软件需要下载带来的操作不便,Tech Geek应用将不会再更新,好消息是:我将会在苹果新闻 Apple News平台每周给所有人带来最新的科技新闻。Apple News在美国,英国,澳大利亚等苹果开通支持的国家都可以使用(取决于苹果的政策),请关注我的Apple News平台获取最新更新。

Apple 新闻平台