How to enjoy WWDC & get updates

Hey there! WWDC is coming closer and closer!!! Just a few days left! Here’s how you could enjoy this year’s WWDC even you will be at home.

1. The Keynote on the first day will be live online. The Apple WWDC Website is the only place where there will be live video streaming. Go to the official developer site to watch live video at the time. Also, with Tech Geek installed, you will receive a push message when it starts.

2. Follow me @shunzhema on Twitter. Apple offered me the scholarship for this year and I will be preticipating. I will share some pictures of San Jose and the conference center. I will also make word updates during Keynote and some sessions!

3. Keep Tech Geek iOS installed on your iPhone! You will receive every updates through messages! Swipe or click into the update messages you received to check it. And click read more to read that message.

More updates will be available soon… But will not update here! Follow @shunzhema on TW and keep this app installed to get updates about #WWDC!