Warning! Virus ALERT!

Heads up! There’s recently a new virus called wana Decrypt0r 2.0 that will encrypt all your files and this virus will prompt that you need to pay a lot bitcoins in order to unlock your files. Please read this carefully to prevent the accident from happening.

If you are using Mac or other systems other than Windows, you could feel relief since this virus affected most of the computers running windows system. But KEEP IN MIND that a windows system running on a Mac, or running in a virtual machine may also affect your MAC system!

If you haven’t got affected yet, PLEASE make sure:

1. The Windows Update is open on your computer and your computer has all the newest fixes installed.

2. Close some danger network ports. Port 445 has been used by this computer virus.

3. Make sure Windows Defender is up to date and turned on. If you don’t have Windows Defender MAKE SURE TO install some third party anti-virus softwares on your computer.

As a remainder!!!

Always make backups of your files. Either copy them on a disk or SYNC them to the cloud. And always use the newest version of system and make sure you installed all the bug fixes available.

If you already got affected.

You should run a anti-virus software immediately to avoid the virus from destroying more files and more computers in the same network.

For network administrators,

Make sure all the clients’ computers are up to date and have all the fixes installed. Use hardware or software Firewall. For secrete networks, make sure all the clients and servers cannot reach the outside Internet. And make sure your employees won’t use the same storege devices for home and work computers!

-> more updates follow.