Apple Watch with Music

Do you have an Apple Watch? Great! You could control the music right in your wrist! You could connect your Apple Watch to a Bluetooth speaker to play the music stored on your Apple Watch! And you could also control the music playing on ur iPhone, whether it’s on Spotify or Apple Music!

To connect to a Bluetooth speaker on your Apple Watch:

  1. Open the Bluetooth pairing mode on your speaker. You may refer to the steps described at the support website or the manual of your speaker.
  2. Open Settings on your Apple Watch (A cog wheel icon)
  3.  Click to Bluetooth
  4. You’ll seethe name of your speaker, click t to pair.

Now you will connect your speaker to your Apple Watch!

You could store music from Apple Music to your Apple Watch, and then open the Music app on your watch. Click your favorite song. Deep press the screen to choose the source as the Wireless speaker you connect to your Apple Watch. And here you go!

To control the music playing on iPhone right at your Apple Watch. Open the music app on Apple Watch and you could control that music. See more at Apple’s posted tips here (

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