Privacy Policy for Tech Geek

Thanks for using Tech Geek. It’s important that you read through and understand the privacy policy. Tech geek will collect your information like your network states, iOS system versions, phone model, health date, and sometimes your location. Some of the date will be kept local and secrete while others will be uploaded to secure cloud.

1.1 Basic device information access

We use your network states, system versions, phone model, telegraphy provider, and such basic device date to push you the right information. Like if you are using iOS 10, we will only show you news related to your system instead of all. This kind of information will be uploaded to the secure cloud that has your session ID linked. You can opt-out the notice related to your iOS version, phone version in app settings.

1.2 Health Date access

We request Step Date so that your steps can instantly be seen for you at the home page. Your steps and other health date will not be uploaded to the cloud and will not be shared. These date will even not be stored in local since they will only be read when you check it, or when we need to compare it with standard steps and you get the active points. To stop the access of Tech Geek to access your health date, go to Health app —-> Source —->. Tech Geek, and then turn off some permissions. You can also use the same way to enable the access.

1.3 Location Access

We show location-related events, so it’s recommended that you allow Tech Geek to access your location. We will also push related notice based on your location. To stop location access, go to Settings —-> Tech Geek —-> Location and select on ‘None’.

2.1 Session ID

Session ID will be generated the first time you use Tech Geek and will be stored together with your basic device information. Your session ID and all the related date won’t include your name or your any other personal information.