Regulations and Rules

  1. If you want to cite an article or part of it, you should give proper credit to the author. We would recommend you to check out how to cite an article.
  2. When submitting an article, please make sure you use your account that has your Email address and the current display name. Please do not use others’ account to submit an article. Please do remember to log out when you log in your accounts at public computers.
  3. Please make sure you filled the form, uploaded the PDF version of your article before you post your article.
  4. Please make sure your articles are original. Use current form and give proper credit if you cite others’ work.
  5. If your posts have pictures, upload the PDF version of your article with pictures to the Dropbox link provided. And we will help you insert these pictures. Please upload your videos to Youtube or other providers and you can insert a link to that video in your post.
  6. You cannot post anything related to political, religion, wars and so on.
  7. Feel free to post any kind of articles you wrote, like literature, science, or even a feeling about an artwork you saw.
  8. Do not post any Ads in your post, including in the images.
  9. If you violate one of the above terms, or we think your article didn’t have a positive effect on the whole society, we will remove it and even block your account. (This will also lock all the articles you uploaded)