Privacy Policy for Share 8

Here’s the privacy policy for Share 8 that has been uploaded to App Store. We will access your Steps, Walking + Running Distance, and Flights Climbed within a week in the health data section. These data are stored within the app and won’t be uploaded to the cloud. And when you require sharing these data with your friends in the message app using Share 8 iMessage extension, these data will be put together in a picture and the people who you are sending your message to will have access to the data you choose to share. Remind that the people you are sharing to won’t be able to access your further health data unless you share again. New data will cover the old data every day. And the app only reads and stores the data of the newest week. You can go to the health app–> Source to change the permission of the access to your health data by Share 8. Again, share 8 won’t read anything or upload anything beyond steps, Walking + Running Distance, and Flights Climbed. And please keep looking to our update notes, and this website for any updates to the Privacy Policy. We will also highlight the change of our Privacy Policy when we require more permissions in the app when you update.