Share photos and files across Apple devices using Airdrop

Author: Shunzhe Ma
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This article is under Attribution 4.0 International.

Do you know how you can share pictures, videos, and files across Apple devices within seconds? The answer is Airdrop. It’s a way that will use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to share files. On sender’s iPhone, when you want to share… like a picture, click the share button at the left corner. Then you will see the menu like in the first picture.
On the receiver’s iPhone, swipe up from down-side of the screen to open control center, and you will see a gray Airdrop icon if it’s not open. Click it and choose to share whether with Contacts or Everyone. Then you will see the blue Airdrop icon like in the fourth picture.
Finally, On sender’s iPhone, you can see the receiver’s icon and name. Click that. And when the receiver accepts that, you finished sharing the picture!
Try to do it by yourself. And you can even transfer files between mac and iPhone, iPad and iPhone…… It’s super easy!