Project apps & games on TV

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Do you know how to project games, videos and more on TV remotely with an Apple TV?
-Note: Apple TV is a little box connected to TV using HDMI port.
1. Go to Apple TV settings menu and click Airplay menu (First Pic) , check if Airplay is On and check the security menu to set a passcode so that only ones with passcode will be able to connect to your Apple TV.
2. On your iPad or iPhone: (2nd Pic)
Make sure your Apple TV and your device are using the same Wi-Fi Network. Then Swipe up to open control center, you will see the Airplay opinion. Click it and here you go!

On your Macbook: (3rd Pic, second one, order may vary)
You will see the Airplay icon on the top bar, click it\ select your Apple TV’s name and you’re all set!